UXD: Week 6

The content of this week centered around typography—which is a great love of mine. I used the type system assignment as an opportunity to seek out a new typeface that I hope to use in future projects, potentially my portfolio website. Electra paired with Gotham is one of my favorite combinations I have come across in some time. I probably spent way too much on the third page of the assignment, but the typeface inspired me, and I let myself have fun with it. The italic serif makes me weak in the knees. Despite my familiarity with the content of this week, I never stop learning and appreciate the fresh perspectives on a familiar topic. I also enjoyed the group discussion on sharing favorite typefaces—though it was challenging to pick just one!

One of my favorite aspects of this course is the weekly UX pins. It pulls in so many resources and content to add to my toolbox. As of this week, there is a chance I may be teaching an interactive course this upcoming Spring and I plan to go back and sift through all of the resources to supplement my course. I will surely be drawing on these resources for some time to come for courses, projects, and raw inspiration.

Regarding my thesis, this week also brought a turn of events that is leaving me spinning my wheels. Apple developed a breathing tool on their watch that is nearly identical to my vision. I have been very inspired by sacred geometry for the form, and their form is incredibly similar. I am unsure what this means for my project. I may go this route, but I have to switch gears enough so it does not appear as a copy. This was a very frustrating development, but one I must push through.

Image result for apple breathing app

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