UXD: Week 1

I am taking an online course, UX: Principles and Concepts, and each week we are required to reflect on what we are learning. The content of this course is relevant to the direction of my thesis on mindful design, as well as a project I am collaborating on with other grad students. My thesis research is rooted in mindful design—merging mindfulness (through breath awareness) with user experience design for individuals that work on screens for long periods of time. I look forward to connecting the coursework with my thesis research. In terms of a user’s experience, I am looking at how design influences a user’s well-being and quality of awareness. Originally, I thought about creating a web-based desktop tool that facilitates mindfulness through breath awareness using the functionality of calm notifications and an immersive visual + auditory breathing experience. I am also exploring the notion of wearables or design that transcends a singular device. I am hopeful my weekly reflections can help shed light on the connections I am making.

In the TED Talk by Tony Fadell, “The First Secret of Design is…Noticing,” he talks about how “it is seeing the invisible problem, not just seeing the obvious problem.” However, he also adds that if we had to notice details all of the time, it would be exhausting. This perspective makes me wonder how to increase individual awareness without slowing them down or making them too aware of the tool they are using. It is about shifting their attention inward, rather than outward.

Through my reading and UX Pinterest research this week, I have come across a few ideas that may apply to my research:

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