Mindful Design

Science has been doing a lot of research in the area of mindfulness and the effect it has on the brain/mindset. I am very curious the role mindfulness has with design.

Simply put, mindfulness is full engagement.

Questions I have: 

  • How does design in the environment affect our ability to be mindful?
  • How might design impact design education? Could mindfulness increase capacity for innovation?
  • Can design improve people’s ability to be mindful in their day-to-day life?
  • If students were to integrate mindfulness into their creative process, how would the results be impacted?
  • Can design be used to promote mindfulness on a larger scale?
  • Are there any initiatives that encourage mindful (or related) design?
  • What frameworks might relate to creating mindful design solutions?
    • HCD: Human Centered Design—Generates solutions for a need in low-income communities. Three phases: Hear, Create and Deliver. How to talk to research participants, gain empathy and capture stories that will give context.
  • What are some examples of existing mindful design?

Research I found pertaining to mindfulness + design:

Mindful Technology

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